2023 WOAH Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific


2022 Events list                                                                               2024 Events List

Title Date Organiser
Events organized by WOAH Reference Centres (RCs)
and Reference Laboratories
Various Reference Centres Network
WOAH Sub-Regional Training Workshop on Animal Rabies Diagnosis for South Asia 18 – 21 Jan RRAP / CVA / KVAFSU
Kick-off Meeting of the WOAH Project to Facilitate International Horse Movement in the Asia and Pacific Region 18 Jan RRAP / SRR SEA
Webinar on Vector Surveillance and Control for AHS for Asia and the Pacific 26 Jan RRAP / SRR SEA
PVS Pathway: Benefits of PVS Evaluation approaches for Pacific Island Countries and Territories 31 Jan RRAP
FAMIC Virtual Training on Analysis of Pesticides in Feed 1 Feb FAMIC / RRAP
12th Regional GF-TADs Steering Committee Meeting 7 – 8 Feb HQ / RRAP / FAO RAO
6th Cycle Training of WOAH Focal Points for Wildlife in Asia and the Pacific with Regional Networking Workshop 14 – 17 Feb RRAP / SRR SEA
Asia-Pacific Regional Tripartite Webinar “Prevention and Control of Neglected Parasitic Zoonoses (NPZ) in the Asia Pacific Region” 16 Feb RRAP & SRR SEA / FAO RAO / WHO SEARO & WPRO
IHR-PVS National Bridging Workshop in Sri Lanka 21 – 23 Feb FAO / WHO / WOAH
Regional ANIMUSE Training for WOAH Focal Points for Veterinary Products 22 – 24 Feb RRAP / SRR SEA
Virtual Workshop: The way forward for VEEs and VSBs in South-East Asia 27 Feb – 1 Mar SRR SEA
Regional Quadripartite One Health Joint Plan of Action Partners’ Meeting 1 – 2 Mar HQ
East Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting: Mpox 16 Mar RRAP
PVS Pathway and One Health tools for efficient Veterinary Services 22 – 24 Mar SRR SEA
National Bridging Workshop for Rabies in Bali 28 – 30 Mar SRR SEA
Thailand Veterinary Workforce Development 29 – 31 Mar SRR SEA
Global Conference on Emergency Preparedness Management 3 – 5 Apr HQ
Veterinary Workforce Development in Lao PDR 3 – 5 Apr RRAP
Philippines Follow-up to NBW – PHILCZ OH Strategy workshop 26 – 28 Apr SRR SEA
Regional Focal Points for Communication Meeting 27 Apr RRAP / SRR SEA / HQ
ASEAN African swine fever (ASF) workshop, Philippines 2 – 4 May ASEC, SRR SEA
ASEAN-WOAH Rabies Workshop
Revision of the ASEAN Rabies Elimination Strategy
2 – 4 May ASEC, SRR SEA
Zoonotic influenza webinar 8 – 9 May FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
1st South Asia TADs Coordination Meeting, Bhutan 8 – 12 May FAO / WOAH
Pacific Wildlife Health Network Meeting 11 May RRAP
Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania: Pre-General Session Meeting 15 May HQ / RRAP / SRR SEA
1st Coordination Meeting for the control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) in the South Asia Region 19 May RRAP / FAO
90th Annual General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates 21 – 25 May HQ
Disease reporting and aquatic animal health: pre-training session 13 Jun RRAP
East Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting 16 Jun RRAP
Nature and wildlife health webinar 20 Jun RRAP / UNEP
ASEAN PPR Consultative Meeting 20 Jun SRR SEA
Regional Focal Points Training for Disease Notification (WAHIS) 21 – 23 Jun RRAP / HQ
Regional Seminar for Focal Points for Aquatic Animal Health 26 – 28 Jun RRAP / HQ
After Action Review (AAR) Workshop focusing on ASF response 17-18 Jul SRR SEA
South Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting: Vulture conservation 19 July RRAP
24th Khon Kaen University Veterinary Annual International Conference 20 – 21 July SRR SEA
PPR/LSD Workshop (in collaboration with CAHEC) 24 – 26 Jul RRAP / CAHEC
Tripartite Joint Risk Assessment Workshop 25 – 27 Jul FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
IHR/PVS National Bridging Workshop for Lao PDR 9 – 11 Aug FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
IHR/PVS National Bridging Workshop for Vietnam 16 – 18 Aug FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
26th SEACFMD National Coordinators Meeting 22 – 24 Aug SRR SEA
IHR/PVS National Bridging Workshop for Cambodia 23 – 25 Aug FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
Food Safety Webinar Series: Production, Evaluation and Regulation of Cultured Meat 29 Aug WOAH CC for Food Safety / RRAP / SRR SEA / FAO
Horse Movement Project: Glanders Webinar 30 Aug RRAP
Regional Workshop for Avian Disease Prevention and Control 29-31 August RRAP
Asia-Pacific Quadripartite One Health Workshop 5-8 Sep FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
Sub-regional Meeting for Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) and other Stakeholders of Veterinary Workforce Development in East Asia 11 Sep RRAP
Pandemic preparedness: Workshop on risk-based management of spillover events in wildlife in India 11-12 Sep RRAP / India DAHD
Rabies: All for 1 One Health for All in the Asia Pacific Region 26 Sep FAO / WHO / WOAH
East Asia wildlife health network meeting #9 27 Sep RRAP
Advancing rabies control: ASEAN collaboration 29 Sep SRR SEA
Animal welfare webinar: Using WOAH standards to support animal welfare in the region 29 Sep RRAP
FMD Risk-Assessment in Jahor & Langkawi 2-6 Oct SRR SEA
5th Sub-regional GF-TADs Meeting for SAARC 9 Oct RRAP / SAARC Secretariat
SEACFMD Laboratory Network Meeting 24-25 Oct SRR SEA
Food Safety Webinar Series: Understanding allergy of livestock products 25 Oct WOAH CC for Food Safety / RRAP
AMU Supply Chain Timor-Leste 26-27 Oct SRR SEA
NIAH EU AMR Vet Lab Capacity Building 26-27 Oct FAO / SRR SEA
7th Sub-regional GF-TADs Meeting for the Pacific 2 Nov RRAP
National Veterinary Workforce Development Vietnam 7-9 Nov SRR SEA
33rd Conference of the Regional Commission for Asia and the Pacific 13 – 16 Nov WOAH
Regional Information Sharing Meeting on Molecular Epidemiology Techniques (MET) for Rabies 22 Nov RRAP
Swine diseases training with CADC 22-23 Nov RRAP / CADC
ASF Consultation Meeting Malaysia 21-23 Nov SRR SEA
LSD Coordination Meeting b2b Core Group & Advisory Group 28-30 Nov SRR SEA
Pacific wildlife health network meeting #5 6 Dec RRAP
Kick-off workshop: Nature for Health (N4H) in Mongolia 7-8 Dec RRAP / GAVS
East Asia wildlife health network meeting #10 11 Dec RRAP
Veterinary Services Safer International Trade 12-14 Dec SRR SEA
Workshop: Risk analysis of spillover events in wildlife in Japan 13-14 Dec RRAP
Regional WHN webinar on wildlife trade 20 Dec RRAP