2023 WOAH Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific



Title Date Organiser
Events organized by WOAH Reference Centres (RCs)
and Reference Laboratories
Various Reference Centres Network
WOAH Sub-Regional Training Workshop on Animal Rabies Diagnosis for South Asia 18 – 21 Jan RRAP / CVA / KVAFSU
Kick-off Meeting of the WOAH Project to Facilitate International Horse Movement in the Asia and Pacific Region 18 Jan RRAP / SRR SEA
Webinar on Vector Surveillance and Control for AHS for Asia and the Pacific 26 Jan RRAP / SRR SEA
PVS Pathway: Benefits of PVS Evaluation approaches for Pacific Island Countries and Territories 31 Jan RRAP
FAMIC Virtual Training on Analysis of Pesticides in Feed 1 Feb FAMIC / RRAP
12th Regional GF-TADs Steering Committee Meeting 7 – 8 Feb HQ / RRAP / FAO RAO
6th Cycle Training of WOAH Focal Points for Wildlife in Asia and the Pacific with Regional Networking Workshop 14 – 17 Feb RRAP / SRR SEA
Asia-Pacific Regional Tripartite Webinar “Prevention and Control of Neglected Parasitic Zoonoses (NPZ) in the Asia Pacific Region” 16 Feb RRAP & SRR SEA / FAO RAO / WHO SEARO & WPRO
IHR-PVS National Bridging Workshop in Sri Lanka 21 – 23 Feb FAO / WHO / WOAH
Regional ANIMUSE Training for WOAH Focal Points for Veterinary Products 22 – 24 Feb RRAP / SRR SEA
Virtual Workshop: The way forward for VEEs and VSBs in South-East Asia 27 Feb – 1 Mar SRR SEA
Regional Quadripartite One Health Joint Plan of Action Partners’ Meeting 1 – 2 Mar HQ
East Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting: Mpox 16 Mar RRAP
PVS Pathway and One Health tools for efficient Veterinary Services 22 – 24 Mar SRR SEA
National Bridging Workshop for Rabies in Bali 28 – 30 Mar SRR SEA
Thailand Veterinary Workforce Development 29 – 31 Mar SRR SEA
Global Conference on Emergency Preparedness Management 3 – 5 Apr HQ
Veterinary Workforce Development in Lao PDR 3 – 5 Apr RRAP
Philippines Follow-up to NBW – PHILCZ OH Strategy workshop 26 – 28 Apr SRR SEA
Regional Focal Points for Communication Meeting 27 Apr RRAP / SRR SEA / HQ
ASEAN African swine fever (ASF) workshop, Philippines 2 – 4 May ASEC, SRR SEA
ASEAN-WOAH Rabies Workshop
Revision of the ASEAN Rabies Elimination Strategy
2 – 4 May ASEC, SRR SEA
Zoonotic influenza webinar 8 – 9 May FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
1st South Asia TADs Coordination Meeting, Bhutan 8 – 12 May FAO / WOAH
Pacific Wildlife Health Network Meeting 11 May RRAP
Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania: Pre-General Session Meeting 15 May HQ / RRAP / SRR SEA
1st Coordination Meeting for the control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) in the South Asia Region 19 May RRAP / FAO
90th Annual General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates 21 – 25 May HQ
Disease reporting and aquatic animal health: pre-training session 13 Jun RRAP
East Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting 16 Jun RRAP
Nature and wildlife health webinar 20 Jun RRAP / UNEP
ASEAN PPR Consultative Meeting 20 Jun SRR SEA
Regional Focal Points Training for Disease Notification (WAHIS) 21 – 23 Jun RRAP / HQ
Regional Seminar for Focal Points for Aquatic Animal Health 26 – 28 Jun RRAP / HQ
After Action Review (AAR) Workshop focusing on ASF response 17-18 Jul SRR SEA
South Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting: Vulture conservation 19 July RRAP
24th Khon Kaen University Veterinary Annual International Conference 20 – 21 July SRR SEA
PPR/LSD Workshop (in collaboration with CAHEC) 24 – 26 Jul RRAP / CAHEC
Tripartite Joint Risk Assessment Workshop 25 – 27 Jul FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
IHR/PVS National Bridging Workshop for Lao PDR 9 – 11 Aug FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
IHR/PVS National Bridging Workshop for Vietnam 16 – 18 Aug FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
26th SEACFMD National Coordinators Meeting 22 – 24 Aug SRR SEA
IHR/PVS National Bridging Workshop for Cambodia 23 – 25 Aug FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
Food Safety Webinar Series: Production, Evaluation and Regulation of Cultured Meat 29 Aug WOAH CC for Food Safety / RRAP / SRR SEA / FAO
Horse Movement Project: Glanders Webinar 30 Aug RRAP
Regional Workshop for Avian Disease Prevention and Control 29-31 August RRAP
Quadripartite One Health Workshop 5-8 Sep FAO / UNEP / WHO / WOAH
Sub-regional Meeting for Veterinary Education Establishments (VEEs) and other Stakeholders of Veterinary Workforce Development in East Asia 11 Sep RRAP
Pandemic preparedness: Workshop on risk-based management of spillover events in wildlife in India 11-12 Sep RRAP / India DAHD
Rabies: All for 1 One Health for All in the Asia Pacific Region 26 Sep FAO / WHO / WOAH
East Asia wildlife health network meeting #9 27 Sep RRAP
Advancing rabies control: ASEAN collaboration 29 Sep SRR SEA
Animal welfare webinar: Using WOAH standards to support animal welfare in the region 29 Sep RRAP
FMD Risk-Assessment in Jahor & Langkawi 2-6 Oct SRR SEA
5th Sub-regional GF-TADs Meeting for SAARC 9 Oct RRAP / SAARC Secretariat
SEACFMD Laboratory Network Meeting 24-25 Oct SRR SEA
Food Safety Webinar Series: Understanding allergy of livestock products 25 Oct WOAH CC for Food Safety / RRAP
AMU Supply Chain Timor-Leste 26-27 Oct SRR SEA
NIAH EU AMR Vet Lab Capacity Building 26-27 Oct FAO / SRR SEA
7th Sub-regional GF-TADs Meeting for the Pacific 2 Nov RRAP
National Veterinary Workforce Development Vietnam 7-9 Nov SRR SEA
33rd Conference of the Regional Commission for Asia and the Pacific 13 – 16 Nov WOAH
Regional Information Sharing Meeting on Molecular Epidemiology Techniques (MET) for Rabies 22 Nov RRAP
Swine diseases training with CADC 22-23 Nov RRAP / CADC
ASF Consultation Meeting Malaysia 21-23 Nov SRR SEA
LSD Coordination Meeting b2b Core Group & Advisory Group 28-30 Nov SRR SEA
East Asia wildlife health network meeting #10 11 Dec RRAP
Veterinary Services Safer International Trade 12-14 Dec SRR SEA
Regional WHN webinar on wildlife trade 20 Dec RRAP