PSCC meeting

Public-Private Partnership to control and prevent FMD


To control and prevent the spread of Foot and mouth disease in South-East Asia, China and Mongolia, close partnerships of public and private sector have the potential to improve the quality of Veterinary Services, improve the robustness and sustainability of animal health systems as well as increasing the economic outputs of the livestock sector.

WOAH encourages greater engagement and promotion of public-private partnership (PPP) and making use of the WOAH PPP Handbook on Guidelines for Public Private Partnerships in the framework of the SEACFMD roadmap (2021-2025) which highlights the importance of collaboration, and partnerships with the view that the public sector alone cannot conduct all of the activities needed to control FMD or to maintain freedom from FMD. Therefore, the roadmap also highlights that partnerships with the private sector have the potential to improve the quality of Veterinary Services.

In this context, the Private Sector Consultative Committee (PSCC) virtual meeting on 16 March 2023 at 2 PM (Bangkok time) has three objectives:


  1. To strengthen coordination and engagement of Veterinary Services (VS) and Private Sector.
  2. To better understand the challenges, Private Sector, industry, VS facing in FMD prevention and control, and opportunities going forward.
  3. To explore the creation of a sub-regional network of representative traders acknowledging their important role in FMD transmission in the sub-region and, thus, their potential role in FMD control.





Meeting report and annexes