2023 SEACFMD Laboratory Network Meeting


SEACFMD’s Laboratory Network (LabNet) aims to improve the laboratory capacity of Member Countries, including to facilitate rapid detection of FMD virus serotypes, to support vaccine strain selection and post-vaccination monitoring (PVM), and to strengthen a regional network of diagnosticians able to share experience and expertise 

To maintain regional coordination of LabNet activities and support SEACFMD member countries in strengthening their capacity in FMD investigation and surveillance, WOAH organised the SEACFMD LabNet meeting in collaboration with Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, China, 24-25 October 2023.  

The meeting provided updates on the latest FMD epidemiology and recommendations from the SEACFMD Governance meetings. It also encompassed discussions on the most urgent technical issues related to FMD surveillance, diagnosis, and standardizing diagnostic techniques, as well as the simplification of the molecular diagnostic algorithm, laboratory preparedness for a new incursion, and adjustments to surveillance activities to address significant epidemiological changes in South-East Asia. Additionally, the meeting focused on the implementation of the SEACFMD Roadmap for 2021-2025.