Pacific Info Session: Benefits of PVS Evaluation Approaches


Information Session for the Pacific: the Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS) Pathway and the benefits of PVS evaluation approaches

As a flagship programme of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE), the PVS Pathway is an independent, country-driven, stage-by-stage process for sustainable planning and continuous improvement of Veterinary Services (VS) in compliance with WOAH’s International Standards on animal health and welfare, and veterinary public health.  

Cyclical in nature, the four stages of the PVS Pathway correspond to specific capacity-building activities and methods to evaluate, plan, cost and support the strengthening of national Veterinary Services (VS) in a wide range of components covering the entire veterinary domain, including workforce evaluation and development, disease prevention and control capabilities, diagnosis and laboratory networks, economic and legal assessments, One Health integration and Public-Private Partnerships. 

The level of understanding,

ownership, and engagement of each country’s Veterinary Services in their PVS Pathway are key determinants of success. 

As the first stage of the PVS Pathway Cycle, Orientation consists of training for Members to improve preparation and conduct of PVS Pathway missions, higher quality reports, and effective use of the reports to drive change and strengthen the VS.  The level of understanding, ownership, and engagement of each country’s VS in their PVS Pathway are key determinants of success. 

This virtual Information Session was organised by WOAH, in collaboration with the Pacific Heads of Veterinary and Production Services (PHOVAPS) Secretariat, The Pacific Community (SPC), to raise general awareness on the PVS Pathway and its benefits as a component of a wider regional plan to enhance the VS in the Pacific Community, supported by the Australian Government.


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