Last updated: 10 May 2023

Laboratory Twinning Programme in the Region


Each twinning project is a partnership between a particular World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE) Reference Centre (which may be an official WOAH Reference Laboratory or Collaborating Centre) and a Candidate Centre. The Reference Centre provides the Candidate Centre with technical support, guidance, and training. Laboratory Twinning Projects provide mutual benefits for Parent and Candidate Institutes, including the creation of joint research opportunities, establishment of research networks and sustainable capacity building.

This page provides the information regarding the Laboratory Twinning Projects completed/ongoing in the region.

Projects completed

Projects ongoing

  • Lumpy Skin Disease: South Africa – China P.R. (2023-)
  • Bovine TB: UK – China P.R. (2023-)
  • African Swine Fever: UK – Philippines (2021-)
  • Brucellosis: China P.R. – Pakistan (2022-)
  • Wildlife Diseases: USA – Thailand (2020-)

[+]: candidate has applied to become OIE RL or CC

[*]: project as self-funded

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