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As in all parts of the world, food safety is an important issue in Asia and the Pacific, a region with highly diverse food culture and production systems. Veterinary Services are responsible for controlling pathogens in animals and work with numerous other stakeholders involved in food systems. They also play a key role in the investigation of, and response to, foodborne disease outbreaks which may be attributable to or involve animal products, including the implementation of control measures.

Activities in Asia and the Pacific Region


National Focal Points on Food Safety  

To better focus on the topic of animal production food safety within countries, Delegates from each of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE) Members appoint a dedicated Focal Point for this topic. These Focal Points usually work in the Veterinary Authority and are encouraged to actively participate in the WOAH standard setting process for work related to animal production food safety, as well as their implementation in their countries/territories.

Collaborating Centers

In Asia and the Pacific region, there are WOAH Collaborating Centers on Food Safety, Food-Borne Parasites, and Animal Feed Safety and Analysis. Their role is to provide our organisation with the latest scientific information on these topics and to share their expertise with Members when relevant.

Multi-sectoral collaboration

A One Health approach is critical to ensure that the whole food production chain (farm-to-fork) is appropriately regulated and managed. Safe food production practices also reduces the risk of spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which is a global threat.

In Asia and the Pacific region, WOAH collaborates with the regional tripartite partners, UN Environment Programme and World Food Programme (WFP) to promote multi-sectoral collaboration to improve food safety in the region. In June 2021, a joint statement was released. In May 2020 and subsequent years, infographics on important food safety messages were developed jointly:

The above infographics are downloadable in multiple languages.

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