GF-TADs: 12th Regional Steering Committee Meeting


The 12th FAO/WOAH Regional Steering Committee for GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific was convened in Tokyo, Japan from 7 to 8 February 2023 in a hybrid format, with more than 40 participants attending in person from across the region.

Regional Steering Committee members, comprising the President of the WOAH Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania, and representatives from four sub-regions (East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific) attended together with representatives from Regional Economic Communities, technical and funding partners.

During the meeting,

(i) the progress of the Global, Regional and Sub-Regional GF-TADs mechanisms and programs was reported,

(ii) updates about disease-specific situations and initiatives were provided by FAO and WOAH for each regional priority disease, and

(iii) activity reports were provided by technical and funding partners.

The participants’ inputs were elicited to update the list of priority diseases in the region, review existing strategies and networks, and define key guiding principles and strategic objectives of the new Regional GF-TADs Strategy for 2023-2027. A two-year work plan was also proposed for each sub-region as a living document and to be updated as necessary.

The Regional Strategy, Terms of Reference of RSC and Regional and  Sub-regional 2 years workplan have been agreed by the voting member of the RSC on 1st May 2023,  based on the inputs received and discussions conducted during last two month, and all the documents are addressed below.