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World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE) Members are obligated to assign a national representative, designated as a Delegate. The Delegate is appointed by the national government and the Member’s Chief Veterinary Officer (Head of the Animal Health/Production Department) is most frequently appointed as the Delegate. The World Assembly of Delegates, which is comprised of the Delegates of all Members and meets at least once a year, is the highest authority of WOAH. The Delegates have the obligations to notify animal diseases present in their jurisdiction and should ensure that standards, guidelines and resolutions are duly implemented. The Delegates are also responsible for bringing disease information and WOAH standards and guidelines to the attention of their governments and all related public and private stakeholders. All WOAH activities in a jurisdiction are channeled or implemented through the consent/information of the National Delegate.

Organisation charts of Member Delegates and Focal Points

How to nominate a new Delegate or Focal Point