Last updated: 2020 May 19

Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Reports until end of 2020



Quarterly Reports (2015-  ):

Codes used in the Report:

  • Codes indicating disease presence
    • +       Disease reported or known to be present
    • + ()    Occurrence limited to certain zones
  • Codes indicating the presence of the infection/infestation
    • +?       Serological evidence and/or isolation of causative agent but no clinical diseases
    • +?( )   Identification of the presence of infection/infestication in one or more zones of the country using diagnositc tests
    • ?( )     Presence of the disease suspected but not confirmed in one or more zones of the country
  • Codes indicating disease absence
    • –             Not reported (but disease is known to occur)
    • 0000    Never reported
    • (year)   Year of last occurrence
  • Other codes
    • ?           Suspected by reporting officer but presence not confirmed
    • *            No information available

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