Regional ANIMUSE Training for WOAH Focal Points for Veterinary Products


A first regional training in Asia-Pacific on the recently launched AMU data reporting and management tool, targeting WOAH Focal Points for Veterinary Products and their representatives.

The collection and accumulation of the data regarding antimicrobial agents intended for use in animals (AMU), and related supports for the Members for their technical capacity building under the umbrella of Strategy on Antimicrobial Resistance and the Prudent use of Antimicrobials (launched by WOAH in November 2016), have been key areas of WOAH’s initiatives in the fight against AMR.

AMU data collection and monitoring has been done by competent authorities at national level through analysing the antimicrobial supply chain including registration, procurement, production, distribution, and management of usage of antimicrobials. To date, the annual AMU reports published by WOAH indicate aggregated data at global/regional levels only, while the organisation encourages the Members to publish the collected data on their own national platforms.

In order to enhance the data accumulation and analysis by the Members, a new web-based AMU reporting tool, Animal Antimicrobial Use (ANIMUSE) Global Database, has been globally launched in 2022. The new online tool is characterized by interactive dashboards which allow the Members to explore and analyse their own data.

This training invited all the Focal Points of Veterinary Products or his/her representatives in the Region who are primarily responsible for AMU data collection in their countries/territories. It provided practical knowledge and tips to start using ANIMUSE, as well as an opportunity for the Members to share their experiences in AMU data collection, visualization, and other AMU-related activities partnering with different stakeholders. It is also noteworthy that the training was the first in-person meeting at the regional level since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, and thus provided a great opportunity to the Members of networking as well as lively discussions and information exchange.

Taking advantage of the first gathering of the Focal Points of Veterinary Products, in addition to ANIMUSE tools, WOAH also briefed the participants on its global project on the WOAH Global Information and Alert System for Substandard and Falsified Veterinary Products which is entering its second pilot phase and currently recruiting Members who are interested in this new initiative.

Agenda & Presentations