2024 WOAH Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific









Events organized by WOAH Reference Centres (RCs)
and Reference Laboratories 
Various  Reference Centres Network 
Regional workshop for facilitation of international horse movement  17-19 Jan  RRAP 
Food Safety Collaborating Centre webinar  23 Jan  RRAP / Collaborating Centre for Food Safety 
Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) in-country workshop   6-7 Feb  SRR-SEA 
WOAH 100th Anniversary events  25 Jan  RRAP / SRR-SEA 
WAHIS-Wild Beta: training  21 Feb  HQ / RRAP 
Core Group Meeting to develop MEL framework for ASEAN LSD Strategy  28 Feb-1 Mar  SRR-SEA 
WOAH Wildlife Health Networks meeting 2024  14 Feb   RRAP 
East Asia wildlife health network meeting #11  26 Mar  RRAO / WHN Secretariat