WOAH Wildlife Health Networks meeting 2024


WOAH Wildlife Health Networks annual information sharing meeting in Asia and the Pacific

The World Organisation for Animal Health’s (WOAH) Wildlife Health Framework “Protecting wildlife health to achieve One Health” has become the basis of WOAH’s Global Strategy on Wildlife Health. WOAH has established both sub-regional (since 2021) and (since 2023) regional wildlife health networks to connect stakeholders across Asia and the Pacific.

This meeting brought together members from all the WOAH wildlife health networks in the region to highlight their activities during 2023 and to discuss plans for 2024. It was held prior to World Wildlife Day (WWD, 3rd March), so members could also share their scheduled WWD activities.

The event was open to anyone interested in wildlife health in Asia and the Pacific.


Event Details

Date: 14th February 2024 (Wednesday)

Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm (Japan Standard Time)

Agenda with presentations: see here.

  • Note: Certificates of participation were not provided for this event.
  • Photo courtesy of Ulaankhuu Ankhanbaatar