OIE AHS Webinars

OIE Webinar series on “African horse sickness”


Following the recent report of African horse sickness in Thailand, the OIE organises a series of webinars on this disease.

The webinar series will cover several different topics related to AHS.


Webinar #1: African horse sickness: clinical signs, epidemiology, transmission and prevention from 14:00- Bangkok time / 16:00- Tokyo Time on 10 April.

Webinar #2: African horse sickness: diagnostic tests and possible support from OIE Reference Laboratories from 14:00- Bangkok time / 16:00- Tokyo Time on 15 April.

Webinar #3: African horse sickness: insect vectors, their surveillance and control from 14:00- Bangkok Time / 16:00- Tokyo Time on 20 April

Webinar #4: African horse sickness: eradication strategies  from 14:00- Bangkok time/ 16:00- Tokyo time on Tuesday 28 April

Webinar #5: AHS specificities for outbreak investigation  from 14:00- Bangkok time, 16:00- Tokyo time on Tuesday 5 May 

Webinar #6: Impact of African horse sickness on the OIE official status and on international movement of competition from 14:00 -Bangkok time,  16:00 – Tokyo time on Wednesday 13 May

Other resources and information on AHS