2017 OIE Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific






Regional Meeting of OIE Reference Centers in Asia and the Pacific



6-7 Feb.



Tokyo, Japan


13th Meeting of the Upper Mekong Working Group on FMD
9-10 Feb.


Mandalay, Myanmar

23rd Meeting of the OIE Sub-Commission for Foot and Mouth Disease Control in South-East Asia and China


9-10 Mar.


Siem Reap, Cambodia

OIE Regional Workshop on Preparation and Submission of Dossiers for the Official Recognition of CSF Free Status and for the Endorsement of National Official Control Programme for FMD in Asia and the Pacific


20-22 June



Tokyo, Japan


Second Regional Workshop on Swine Disease Control in Asia


27-29 June


Beijing, China (PR)

Regional Workshop: Training of OIE National Focal Points for Wildlife
4-6 Jul.


Bali, Indonesia


Regional Hands-on Laboratory Training on Rabies Diagnosis


14-18 Aug.



Changchun, China (PR)


20th SEACFMD National Coordinators Meeting
16-17 Aug.


Pakse, Lao PDR

Regional Workshop for VEEs and VSBs
31 Aug.-1 Sep.


Incheon, Korea (RO)

FAO-APHCA/OIE Regional Technical Workshop on Prevention and Control of Animal Brucellosis and Tuberculosis in Asia


11-13 Sep.



Bangkok, Thailand


The Seventh Asia-Pacific Workshop on Multisectoral Collaboration on the Prevention and Control of Zoonoses


19-21 Sep.





2017 SEACFMD Laboratory Network Meeting
26-28 Sep.


Lanzhou, China (PR)

OIE Regional Expert Group Meeting for the Control of Avian Influenza in Asia
3-5 Oct


Sapporo, Japan

30th Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for AFEO
20-24 Nov.


Putrajaya, Malaysia

Regional Conference on Veterinary Paraprofessionals in Asia


6-8 Dec.


Bangkok, Thailand


Regional Workshop for OIE National Focal Points for Aquatic Animals


12-14 Dec.


Qingdao, China (PR)