2019 Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific


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Date  Place 
Regional Workshop on Animal Feed Safety 


15-16 Jan  Tokyo, Japan 
Sub-Regional Workshop of Temporary International Movements of Competition Horses 


19-20 Feb  Hong Kong SAR 
PVS Pathway Orientation Training Workshop for South Asia and Mongolia 


12-15 Feb  Paro, Bhutan 
Rabies Risk Assessment Workshop 


6-8 Mar  Bali, Indonesia 
OIE Sub-Regional Conference on AMR Related Research and Information 


7 Mar  Bangkok, Thailand 
2nd Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres for Asia and the Pacific 


12-13 Mar  Tokyo, Japan 
Regional Side Meeting on Aquatic Animals Health (Asia-Pacific Region) 


4 Apr  Santiago, Chile 
8th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Multi-Sectoral Collaboration 


9-11 Apr  Bangkok, Thailand 
Launch Meeting of the SGE on ASF for Asia 


10 Apr  Beijing, China 
14th Meeting of the Upper Mekong Working Group on FMD 


23-25 Apr  Xisuangbanna, China 
Regional Expert Group Meeting on Foot and Mouth Disease 


14-16 May  Bangkok, Thailand 
Regional Seminar for OIE National Focal Points for Veterinary Laboratories 


17-18 June  Chiang Mai, Thailand 
22nd Meeting of the OIE SEACFMD National Coordinators 


25-27 June  Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 
Workshop on the Roles of VSB on VPPs in ASEAN 


26-28 June  Nonthaburi, Thailand 
Workshop on Enhancing Progress towards Rabies Elimination “Zero by 30” in the SAARC Region 


26-28 June  Kathmandu, Nepal 
2nd SGE-ASF Meeting for Asia 


30-31 July  Tokyo, Japan 
Sub-Regional Workshop on Emergency Preparedness 


27-28 Aug  Bangkok Thailand 
TICAD7 Side Event: Fighting Against Zoonoses in Africa: Japan-OIE Cooperation Program 


28 Aug  Kanagawa, Japan 
31st Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for AFEO 


2-6 Sep  Sendai, Japan 
Regional Expert Group Meeting for the Disease of Poultry in Asia and the Pacific Region 


2-4 Oct  Sapporo, Japan 
3rd OIE Regional Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships in the veterinary domain 


17-18 Oct  Kathmandu, Nepal 
OIE Regional Workshop on Swine Disease Diagnosis 


30-31 Oct  Beijing, China 
2nd Regional Expert Group Meeting on Foot and Mouth Disease 


31 Oct – 1 Nov  Bangkok, Thailand 
12th SEACFMD Laboratory Network Meeting 


4-5 Nov  Pakchong, Thailand 
Regional Training Seminar for OIE National Focal Points on Animal Welfare 


11-14 Nov  Bali, Indonesia 
1st Meeting of the ad hoc Steering Committee of the Regional Collaboration Framework on Aquatic Animal Health in Asia and the Pacific 


20-21 Nov  Bangkok, Thailand 
OIE Regional Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships in the veterinary domain for South-East Asia 


26-27 Nov  Bangkok, Thailand 
3rd Meeting of SGE on ASF for Asia & 4th Regional Workshop on Swine Disease in Asia 


26-28 Nov  HCMC, Vietnam 
SEACFMD Private Sector Consultative Committee (PSCC) Workshop 


28 Nov  Bangkok, Thailand 
PVS Pathway Orientation Workshop for South-East Asia 


10-13 Dec  Bangkok Thailand