2nd Regional Expert Group Meeting on Foot and Mouth Disease


To implement the recommendation from the OIE SEACFMD LabNet meeting organised in September 2017 in Lanzhou, China on strengthening of SEACFMD Member Countries’ national laboratory capacities on FMD serology, the OIE and FAO jointly organised the 2nd FMD Regional Expert Group (REG) Meeting on 31 October – 1 November 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, back-to-back with the Global FMD Research Alliance Meeting. The meeting convened FMD experts from Asia and the Pacific region, Pirbright UK, and South Africa, which aimed to:

  • Review the capacities and limitations on FMD serology in the SEACFMD region;
  • Discuss the key technical factors for each serological assay;
  • Recommend serological assays for different objectives, including
    • Seroprevalence study in endemic countries
    • Post-vaccination monitoring at individual animal or herd level
  • Recommend approaches to assess sensitivity and specificity of serological assays;
  • Recommend approaches to improve verification of reagents quality/assay performance.

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Regional Expert Group Meeting on Foot and Mouth Disease

May 14, 2019
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