Awareness Tools for Controlling and Preventing Neglected Parasitic Zoonoses (NPZs)


Tokyo (Japan), 10 December 2021—The OIE Regional Representation in Asia and the Pacific, in collaboration with regional partners FAO and WHO, has published materials highlighting the serious issues caused by Neglected Parasitic Zoonoses (NPZs), or diseases caused by parasites which are transmitted between vertebrate animals and humans, and the control and prevention measures.

NPZ diseases are often forgotten or overlooked because they:

  • cause mild, chronic or no disease in animals
  • do not appear to cause immediate and evident economic damage
  • primarily affect the most vulnerable and marginalised communities

(Find out more about NPZs and their associated control and prevention measures.)

To address NPZs, OIE worked with FAO and WHO to support Member countries and territories by developing the following tools:

Help us control and prevent NPZs by sharing these communication materials widely, spreading awareness and assisting vulnerable communities. With our regional partners, we hope to promote intersectoral collaboration among the public health, animal health, food safety and WASH sectors to address this serious issue.