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Neglected Parasitic Zoonoses (NPZs) are diseases which are often forgotten or overlooked. However, they place a significant burden on some populations around the world.

Neglected parasitic zoonoses (NPZ), such as trichinellosis, echinococcosis, and cysticercosis, continue to place significant burdens on some populations around the world. Control and prevention of these diseases require intersectoral collaboration among the public health, animal health, food safety and WASH sectors.  In 2018, the regional tripartite partners organised a Meeting to accelerate prevention and control of neglected foodborne parasitic zoonoses to bring together national focal points from various sectors. Following the meeting, factsheets on selected foodborne parasitic zoonoses and other resources were produced. This page lists resources to control and prevent NPZs published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO), or the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE).

1. FAO-WHO-WOAH Tripartite  

2. WHO 

3. WOAH 

4. FAO  

5. Codex Alimentarius 

6. WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)