Virtual East Asia Contact Persons Meeting on wildlife


The East Asia CVO forum was established in 2016 to create a platform for regular exchange of information and discussions on issues relating to animal health in this geographic sub-region. With several high impact transboundary animal diseases in Asia or a risk of entering, it was recognised that a technical forum would be beneficial to share information and discuss strategies for prevention and control of several transboundary animal diseases.

At the 2nd meeting of the East Asia CVOs forum held as a virtual meeting on 2nd July 2020, the importance of understanding the role wildlife play in animal and zoonotic diseases was highlighted as particularly important in East Asia.

In this regard, we organised the Virtual East Asia Contact Persons Meeting with technical discussions addressing wildlife from 8-9, Sep.

The objectives of this meeting were

  • Hear from wildlife epidemiology and disease experts to gain more technical understanding of the potential role of wildlife in diseases and considerations for conducting wildlife surveillance in East Asia.
  • Understand current policies and involvement of the national veterinary services with wildlife.
  • Discuss possible strategies for coordination and collaboration in East Asia to conduct wildlife surveillance and manage wildlife, including the trade in wildlife.
  • To discuss how to continue to improve collaboration and coordination among members.
  • Agree on the sub-regional priorities for East Asia and propose activities for 2020-2022.

Technical presentations on wildlife were made by specialists on 8th, and discussions were made to identify the priorities and possible activities against transboundry animal disease in East Asia on 9th.

Agenda & Presentations

Recorded Video

Agenda and presentations from day2 will be shared with East Asia Contact Persons only.