Sub-Regional Virtual Meeting on Wildlife Health and Network for OIE Members in Southeast Asia


The OIE considers disease surveillance in wild animals—including both terrestrial and aquatic species—to be important. In response to an increased risk of disease emergence at the human-animal-environment interface, the organization developed a new OIE Wildlife Health Management Framework. The overall objective is to protect wildlife health worldwide to achieve One Health. This will involve a multi-sectoral approach to concentrate on the human-animal-ecosystem interface.

Additionally, the Wildlife Health Framework notes a plan to develop global networks for Focal Points for Wildlife, to encourage sharing of ideas and information. Networks provide an opportunity for ongoing information sharing between key professionals working on wildlife health, taking account of geographically relevant issues. A series of meetings has been conducted to discuss wildlife health networks separately in each of the sub-regions, with the meeting for South-East Asia organized in June 2021. This meeting was well attended by OIE Focal Points for Wildlife and other representatives from Veterinary Services. During the meeting, an interest was expressed to include a broad range of relevant stakeholders in the network.

The framework of national or sub-regional networks will be developed in line with the specific needs of Members. As highlighted before, the OIE will support establishment of such networks but the goal is to develop self-sustainable networks.


This virtual meeting is therefore proposed with the following purposes:

  • to share information on wildlife between OIE Members
  • to discuss future priority wildlife health activities.
  • to explore the development of relevant form of network in the region



Registration of Participants