OIE Focal Points for Wildlife Training


OIE Virtual Workshop for Focal Points for Wildlife in Asia and the Pacific, 5th Training Cycle

The aim of the OIE global programme of capacity building for OIE Delegates and OIE National Focal Points is to provide good governance concepts for improving animal health and food safety of animal origin products at national level, and to explain and clarify their role and responsibilities within OIE activities. The 4th Training Cycle regional workshop for Focal Points for Wildlife took place in Indonesia in 2017.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, physical meetings are currently not possible and the scheduled physical workshop on the 5th Training Cycle for Focal Points for Wildlife in Asia and the Pacific was postponed. This virtual workshop was developed to present key themes from the 5th Cycle Training Manual on Wildlife Health Information Management to regional Focal Points for Wildlife. The workshop provided participants with information on wildlife and the specific tasks of National Focal Points in the standard-setting process and compliance with the OIE international standards.

This training was led by the OIE Collaborating Centre (CC)for Wildlife, US Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center, USA. Presentations were also given by staff from OIE headquarters, and experiences shared by other Members in the Asia and the Pacific region. The workshop was interactive, and participants were able to work together through a scenario on wildlife health information sharing led by the CC. They were also updated on OIE-WAHIS and WAHIS-Wild.

Agenda with presentations