New RLs in the region

Updates to OIE Reference Laboratories


Asia-Pacific region to benefit from newly-approved OIE Reference Laboratories

The 88th General Session was held virtually for the first time ever from 24th to 28th May.

In Asia and the Pacific Region, we are pleased to announce that two of our Members have received new approved designations of OIE Reference Laboratories during the GS.

  • OIE Reference Laboratory for equine influenza:
    Equine Research Institute, Japan Racing Association. Designated Reference Expert: Dr Manabu Nemoto.
  • OIE Reference Laboratory for African swine fever: National Surveillance and Research Center for Exotic Animal Diseases (National Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever), China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center. Designated Reference Expert: Dr Zhiliang Wang.

Congratulations on these confirmations and for ongoing collaborations within the region.