ALERT MESSAGE: Unlicensed ASF Vaccines


You may have seen reports in the media about use of ASF vaccines with unproven safety and efficacy, as well as presence of atypical strains of the ASF virus resulting in less severe clinical signs than what has been seen in recent years in Europe and Asia with ASF genotype II.

The FAO and OIE in Asia and the Pacific, together with OIE Reference Laboratory for ASF at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness and other ASF experts, are working to gather more information, but it is important to emphasize the following:


  1. There is currently no authorised ASF vaccine with proven effectiveness and safety available in the world.

  2. Biosecurity is still the most important and most effective measure for prevention and control of ASF.

  3. Use of ASF vaccines with unproven safety or efficacy will neither prevent nor control ASF outbreaks and represents a serious threat to the whole pig industry including smallholders within a country and beyond.


ASF Biosecurity Poster