World Food Safety Day 2022, Asia Pacific Edition


World Food Safety Day is celebrated on 7 June every year. It is part of the global awareness strategy of the United Nations, to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism, and sustainable development.

To this end, FAO, UNEP, WFP, WHO, and WOAH (founded as OIE) co-organized an event for Asia and the Pacific, on 2 June 2022, 11-12:30 pm Bangkok time on the theme of multisectoral actions for food safety in the region.

The objectives of the webinar were to :

  1. Deliver practical messages linking the outcomes of the Food System Summit 2021 to improving food safety.
  2. Highlight importance of improving hygiene and sanitation in traditional food markets in the region for supply of safe, fresh, affordable and healthy food.
  3. Better understand roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in promoting safe food

The webinar was streamed on YouTube: World Food Safety Day 2022.

A Mentimeter survey was also taken during the event, gathering the views of the audience on aspects of food safety and traditional markets. The questions and results can be found here.

If you have any questions about the event, please send them to [email protected].

For more information on World Food Safety Day, please refer to the below.


Top banner: Andrea Magnini
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