Webinar on the new OIE-WAHIS for National Focal Points of Animal Disease Notification for AFEO


The OIE has launched a global programme of capacity building for OIE Delegates and OIE National Focal Points, with the aim of providing good governance concepts for improving animal health and food safety of animal origin products at national, regional and international level, and to explain and clarify their role and responsibilities within OIE activities. In this framework and specifically in preparation of the launch of the new OIE World Animal Health Information System (OIE-WAHIS) platform, the OIE is committed to provide training for National Focal Points (NFP) of Animal Disease Notification.

A Regional Workshop on the new OIE WAHIS for NFPs of Animal Disease Notification in our region was supposed to be held in Tokyo, Japan, in February 2020, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.

Instead of the face to face workshop, the OIE organised a webinar on the new OIE-WAHIS for NFP of Animal Disease Notification in our region. A useful E-learning platform was also provided before the webinar to deepen participants’ understanding as well as to make effective use of the short webinar time.

The objectives of the webinar were

  • to cultivate further understanding of the new ergonomics and functionalities of the new OIE-WAHIS
  • to clarify questions members may have about the new OIE-WAHIS Project timeline or new functionalities
  • to learn how to avoid IT tool mistakes, and review reports before sending them to the OIE.

In the Session 1 of the webinar,

  • An overview of the project timeline was presented
  • The main new functionalities of Immediate Notifications/ Follow-up reports/ transversal topics were identified and discussed

In the Session 2 of the webinar,

  • The main new functionalities of Six-monthly reports/ Public interface and Dashboards/ Help tools were identified and discussed

In total, 26 members attended the Session 1, and 25 members attended the Session 2. Participants actively participated in the webinar by asking questions and discussing the advantages and points to be improved of the new OIE WAHIS.

This has been the first webinar organised by the World Animal Health Information and Analysis department and the OIE is currently analyzing the feedback received from the participants in order to take them into account for future webinars.