Last updated: 17/3/2021

The 3rd OIE Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres in Asia and the Pacific


The global network of OIE Reference Centre (RCs) is the central core of the OIE scientific excellence. RCs in Asia and the Pacific have been playing important roles for the improvement of animal health and welfare in the region. Considering their pertinent roles and recommendations from the past Global Conferences of OIE Reference Centres, OIE RRAP and the government of Japan, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), jointly organised the 1st and 2nd Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres for Asia and the Pacific in Tokyo in 2017 and 2019 respectively to explore opportunities to improve RCs’ TOR implementation.

The 3rd OIE Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres in Asia and the Pacific was held virtually due to the restrictions posed by the pandemic, in collaboration with MAFF, on 24-25 February 2021. To make the meeting fruitful, we asked RCs and Members to answer a set of pre-meeting questionnaire. The result of the questionnaire is shown in the presentation on Day 2 as well as in the meeting report.

The meeting objectives were

  • To identify and share challenges and success stories in carrying out key activities of OIE RCs and to discuss way forward to improve their services.
  • To discuss how to improve the on-line platform for information sharing, and networking among RCs
  • To explore effective way to match the needs of MCs and capabilities of RCs especially via OIE laboratory twinning.

For Day 1, we invited all RCs and partners in our region. For Day 2, in addition to Day 1 participants, Members in our region- FPs for laboratories and Delegates were invited to the meeting. In total, 113/132 accounts participated in the meeting on Day 1/Day 2.