SEACFMD Joint Epidemiology and Laboratory Network Virtual Meeting


WOAH continues to work with its Members and partners on the South-East Asia and China Foot-and-Mouth Disease (SEACFMD) Campaign towards the goal of controlling FMD and its negative effects on livelihoods and economies in the region. As part of work towards this goal, the SEACFMD EpiNet and LabNet have been established to support veterinary epidemiology and laboratory services in the region to build collaborations and share information and expertise for the synergised and strengthened FMD prevention and control efforts.

SEACFMD EpiNet and LabNet became efficient platforms for Members to share experience in FMD epidemiology, surveillance, and data analysis and review the advanced tools for investigation and management.

The objectives the Joint SEACFMD EpiNet and LabNet Meeting were to:


  • Provide an update on the regional FMD epidemiological situation
  • Share experience in applying epidemiological tools in FMD prevention and control
  • Enhance the access to technical resources electronically through SEACFMD Portal, SEACFMD toolbox and communication tools
  • Identify future action points related to the EpiNet and LabNet activities