Regional Workshop for Avian Diseases in Asia and the Pacific


Experts meet to improve information-sharing on avian diseases in the Asia-Pacific

In the Asia-Pacific region, annual regional workshops on avian diseases have been organised under the regional FAO/OIE GFTADs umbrella to review progress in prevention and control of various avian diseases, especially avian influenza, and to define the way forward to further strengthen multi-sectoral and international coordination and collaboration.

A regional expert network for avian diseases was also formed in 2019 to support the regional coordination and provide scientific advice on avian diseases. It was comprised of representatives from the OIE reference laboratories on HPAI, Newcastle disease, and other avian diseases in Asia-Pacific, as well as other relevant experts from institutes working on avian diseases in the region.

In the last expert network meeting and regional workshop held virtually on 1-2 December 2020, the meeting participants discussed how the regional members can improve information sharing on avian diseases in the region in addition to the notifications to the OIE WAHIS.

For the 2021 workshop, the OIE RRAP requested additional data from members in the region on avian diseases in advance. The collected data was summarized and reported, and feedback on improving the process was sought from regional members and the expert network.

The expert network meeting held on 29th December allowed for experts from the OIE reference laboratories and other scientific institutes to update each other on activities and discuss technical topics, particularly relating to surveillance during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The regional workshop held on 30th September provided an opportunity to update regional members on the global disease situation of avian diseases, updates to the OIE code and manual, and other scientific updates of importance relating to avian diseases. Information was shared among regional members on surveillance, prevention, and control activities as well as national policies relating to avian diseases.

It was proposed to continue more regular coordination and information sharing at subregional level and to hold at least six-monthly virtual meetings on specific topics relating to avian diseases. Once international travel resumes, an annual meeting and workshop will be planned.




Photo: Artem BeliaikinPexels