Swine Diseases

Regional Short-term Training on Swine Disease Control and Diagnosis


Since 2014, OIE RRAP in collaboration with FAO organized two regional workshops on swine disease prevention and control, focus on sharing swine disease control strategies and experiences and identification of regional priorities and gaps.  The workshop identified the lack of well-trained technical staff as the main constraint on swine disease prevention and control and suggested OIE Reference Centres continue their involvement and support of regional capacity building activities, especially on laboratory diagnosis, epidemiology and disease control measures.  

As a part of the action response to improve capacity building in the Asian Pacific region, the OIE continues its effort on swine disease control activity through the support and funding from PR China.  Thus, the third regional short-term training on swine disease control and diagnosis was ornized by OIE RRAP in collaborating with OIE Reference Laboratory (RL) for PPRS in Beijing.  

The objectives of the training are:

– to improve the ability of technical staff to prevent, control and diagnose swine disease;

– to fill up the gaps in clinical description of disease, sample collection, test result interpretation and swine EIDs and unknown disease diagnosis;

– to develop a better understanding of ASF situation and to socio-economic impact of ASF outbreak at national and regional level;

– to raise awareness of Emerging swine infectious disease;

– to allow experience and information sharing and to facilitate cooperation between lab staff and epidemiologist working for MOA at national and regional level; and

– to explore the future directions of laboratory capacity building and networking programs in future, in alignment with the recommendation of Regional Workshop on Swine Disease Control in Asia, and possible resource in a coordinated manner.  

The training was attended by epidemiologists and laboratory staff from Republic of Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Vietnam.


Agenda and presentations_Training on swine disease
Agenda and presentations_Training on swine disease

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