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Regional Information Seminar for Recently Appointed OIE Delegates


Regional Information Seminar for Recently Appointed OIE Delegates was held in Beijing, P. R. China, during 28-30 April 2014.  Two and a half day seminar organised under the new format, was attended by 32 participants including four recently appointed OIE Delegates from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mongolia and Micronesia, and two proxies from India and Vietnam. In addition, three OIE Specialist Commission members, three senior OIE Delegates and seventeen observers representing Ministry of Agriculture of P. R. China were also attended. Six of the seventeen observers from P. R. China were OIE National Focal Points.

Dr Hirofumi Kugita, OIE Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, opened the Seminar with his remarks welcoming the participants. Dr Zhang Zhongqiu, Director-General of the Veterinary Bureau of P. R. China and the President of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania welcomed the participants. Dr Mara Gonzalez, Deputy Head of the OIE Regional Activities Department, presented the objectives and context of the Seminar.

The Seminar consisted of six information sessions on the themes of OIE missions, namely, organisation and functions, rights and responsibilities of OIE Delegates, OIE International standards, Animal Disease Notification, the quality of Veterinary Services and the OIE PVS Pathway and Regional initiatives.

The participants had lively discussions throughout the program enthusiastically with OIE speakers and senior Delegates. The Seminar also provided an opportunity to establish and strengthen the close relation amongst OIE Delegates.

At the end of the Seminar, Dr Etienne Bonbon, representing OIE, made concluding remarks that the Delegate is the representative of the Government to the OIE and also the representative of the OIE to the country, highlighting the participative governance of OIE.  He extended the OIE’s appreciation to the P. R. China for their assistance towards the successful organisation of the Seminar.