East Asia Wildlife Health Network: Avian health and migratory pathways


The third meeting of the East Asia Wildlife Health Network was held on 16th March 2022.


There were three main agenda points in the meeting:

  1. Review of the draft network terms of reference (ToR) by members. The draft was approved and has been published online here.
  2. The network secretariat invited Mr Da-Li Lin from Chinese Taipei to make a short presentation on East Asian avian migratory pathways. Mr Da-Li Lin is currently a PhD student at the University of Queensland, Australia. He introduced various aspects of research and conservation activities for migratory birds in Chinese Taipei. The presentation can be found here.
  3. Information exchange among network members.


It was decided that the topic of the fourth meeting of the network will be “Wildlife Disease Surveillance”. The date was set for 16th June 2022 (details on the meeting will be updated on this site).