African swine fever (ASF) Third Virtual Coordination Meeting focused on ASF Diagnosis


African swine fever (ASF) laboratory diagnostic capacity development is one of the priorities identified by the Standing Group of Experts on ASF for Asia Pacific (SGE-ASF Asia Pacific). Although much work has been done across the South-East Asia to build capacity over the past years, there is still a need to further enhance the laboratory and the field diagnostic capacity, harmonise laboratory diagnostic techniques, facilitate the sharing of information and coordinate laboratory activities amongst national laboratories, Reference Laboratories and laboratory experts to strengthen ASF control.

The third ASF coordination meeting was jointly organised by the OIE Sub-Regional Representation for South-East Asia (OIE SRR SEA) and FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) under GF-TADs’ umbrella. The meeting was attended by 13 countries including 10 ASEAN countries, plus PR China, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, Experts from the Regional ASF Reference Laboratories (Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness and China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center), donors (Australia, China and DTRA).

The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To provide an update on available laboratory diagnostic tools for ASF diagnosis;
  • To provide a platform to share experiences and challenges in ASF diagnosis;
  • To understand the current laboratory diagnostic capacity of the MC and discuss measures to strengthen ASF control in the region;
  • To provide an update on the discussions of the Global Network of ASF Laboratories and of the Regional Laboratory Expert Group on ASF and other pig diseases in Asia and the Pacific;
  • To discuss on the laboratory capacity programme and to strengthen collaboration and coordination between OIE Reference Laboratories for ASF and the national laboratories.


Registration of participants

Meeting Report



Available laboratory and field diagnostic tools for ASF diagnosisDavid Williams, ACDP

Detection of novel ASF variant – Xiaodong Wu, CAHEC

Update on the ASF Laboratory network (Global and regional)Caitlin Holley, OIE RR AP

ASF Laboratory Twinning ProjectEdna Felipe, BAI, Philippines 

Brief update on ASF laboratory activities and diagnostic tests used by members (based on questionnaire survey)Karma Rinzin, OIE SRR-SEA



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