ASF in wildlife


Information exchange on the current status of the African swine fever infection in East and Southeast Asia

There were two main agenda items in the 5th meeting, the first was presentations regarding the 5th meeting topic “African swine fever, ASF”.

We invited two speakers for the topic, Dr BAZARRAGCHAA Enkhbold from Mongolia, and Dr HAMIDAH HELMAN from Malaysia.

Dr BAZARRAGCHAA Enkbold is a virologist and veterinary researcher from State Central Veterinary Laboratory, Mongolia.

Dr HAMIDAH HELMAN is WOAH Focal Point for Wildlife in Malaysia working for the department of Wildlife and National Park Malaysia.


The second was to exchange the latest information among the network members. The participants from the East Asia CVOs Forum kindly shared the latest information on wildlife health issues.


Finally, a poll was taken to see what topics would be covered in the future meeting and also to decide the date of the next meeting. As a result, the following six topics were requested: monkeypox, disease as threats to endangered wildlife species, vaccination for wildlife, wildlife ecology and economy, vector-borne diseases, and good practice of handling wildlife. Based on these results, the secretariat will decide on topics at future meetings. It was decided that the date of the 6th meeting will be Thursday 15 December 2022.

Photo credit: Dr Manabu Onuma