2nd East Asia Contact Persons Meeting


The East Asia CVO’s forum was established in 2016 to strengthen the coordination on technical issues relating to animal health and veterinary services in East Asia. Under the CVO forum there are a number of areas where coordination and information sharing is beneficial to all members in the fight to control and prevent Transboundary Animal Diseases as well as other technical areas.

The 2nd East Asia Contact Person’s meeting included the laboratory and epidemiology network meeting this year and was held in conjunction with the SEACFMD epidemiology network meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 5-6 April 2018, kindly hosted by the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services, Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia.

The technical focus for this meeting was on Foot and Mouth Disease and Avian Influenza, two very important transboundary diseases in region. Participants shared information and discussed the current situation in the region in East Asia and also attended parts of the SEACFMD epidemiology network meeting to share information with South East Asia members on FMD and experts working on FMD in the region. This technical cooperation allows for better understanding of the epidemiological situation at the regional level, contributing to enhanced control and management of such important transboundary diseases.

Future planning and opportunities for coordination and collaboration on a range of diseases and issues relevant to the region were discussed and proposals will be made for endorsement at the next meeting of the East Asia CVO’s forum.


Agenda and presentations_2nd EA CP meeting
Agenda and presentations_2nd EA CP meeting

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