10th FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific


The Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs) is a joint FAO/OIE initiative that combines the strengths of both organisations launched in 2004. The coordinating mechanism aims to bring collective action in the region to support the control and eradication of Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) and has yielded several important institutional and operational gains. 

The Regional Steering Committee (RSC) Meeting of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific has been held 9 times since 2005. The meetings are used to share information, strengthen partnerships, discuss topical issues and explore ways to collaborate to improve regional activities in the prevention and control of priority TADs. The FAO and OIE organised the 10th RSC Meeting of GF-TADs on 10-11 July 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting was attended by total of 35 participants including Bureau of OIE Regional Commission, Regional Specialised Organisations, representatives from member countries, partner organisations and the GF-TADs global secretariat.

New President

A new President was appointed, with Dr Zhang Zhongqiu, OIE Delegate of PR China stepping down after serving since 2012. The Regional Steering Committee recognized the commitment and contribution made by Dr Zhang in this role for many years. Dr Sen Sovann, OIE Delegate of Cambodia was then formally welcomed as the new President of the Regional Steering Committee.

Overview of the meeting

The 3rd external evaluation of GF-TADs was conducted in early 2018 with the preliminary findings and some initial recommendations from the evaluation presented to the RSC for Asia and the Pacific. 

Members presented and discussed regional and subregional activities and achievements under GF-TADs over the past two years. The One Health approach is promoted under GF-TADs for prevention and control of priority zoonotic diseases with the cooperation and collaboration of FAO/OIE and WHO

For the first time a representative from the RSC of GF-TADs Europe attended the meeting and shared information from the Europe region, including an update on coordination efforts and mechanisms for African Swine Fever and Lumpy Skin Disease. 

The RSC agreed and began to develop a two-year work plan with clear achievable goals for 2018-2020, which will be updated periodically depending on needs and opportunities in the region, with ongoing communication and collaboration between members of the regional steering committee. 

The 10th FAO/OIE Regional Steering Committee Meeting on GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific was completed successfully with a set of recommendations which will be finalized in the coming weeks.


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Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclusions and Recommendations

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