Veterinary Services

Regional Seminar for OIE National Focal Points on Communication


The OIE has launched a global programme of capacity building for OIE Delegates and OIE National Focal Points. The aim of this programme is to provide good governance concepts for improving animal health and food safety of animal origin products at national level, to explain and clarify their role and responsibilities as well as to facilitate, when possible, consistency and harmonisation amongst OIE Members when assigning responsibilities to these officials. OIE organized a Regional Seminar for OIE National Focal points on Communication in Beijing, PR China, from 25 to 27 March 2013.

This seminar aimed at providing participants with knowledge on OIE mandates and activities, mainly on communication, and on how to best communicate on animal health, animal welfare and veterinary public health related issues. The seminar also allowed experience-sharing and discussion between countries of the region and stakeholders.