OIE PVS Aquatic: Virtual Information Session for Asia and the Pacific


As a flagship capacity building programme of the OIE, the PVS Pathway is an independent, country-driven, stage-by-stage process of system evaluation and planning, to strengthen a Member’s Veterinary Services (VS) in compliance with the OIE’s internationally agreed standard on the quality of VS.

In recent decades, increased demand for food along with depleted wild fish stocks and intensification of husbandry techniques made aquaculture the fastest growing food production sector. In recognition of the importance of good governance of the Aquatic Animal Health Services (AAHS), the OIE has developed this OIE PVS Tool: Aquatic, which should be used in the evaluation of the performance of the national AAHS whether AAHS are the responsibility of the VS or of another Competent Authority. To help Members and AAHS to address evolving challenges and priorities in aquatic animal health, some critical competencies were modified in the 2nd edition of the OIE PVS Tool: Aquatic (2021).

Now, via the official launch of the OIE Global Strategy on Aquatic Animal Health, further awareness-raising and training on PVS Evaluations for AAHS are seen as key to strengthen Members’ understanding of and engagement in the PVS Aquatic activities. The informational session presented the Aquatic Animal health Strategy in link with the PVS Pathway; overview of the PVS Pathway and various activities; overview of the PVS Tool: Aquatic and of mission logistics as well as benefits of PVS Evaluation missions for AAHS.

20 OIE Focal Point for Aquatic Animals and more than 50 participants working on PVS Pathway or aquatic animal health related area attended this meeting.


Agenda & Presentation

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