Food Safety Communication Materials


As part of World Food Safety Day celebrations and awareness activities, partner organisations FAO, UNEP, WFP, WHO and WOAH collaborated and developed a leaflet explaining why food safety is a shared responsibility and a global priority.

It is part of our commitment to be united under the “One Health” approach, to promote a holistic approach to food safety in Asia and the Pacific.

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WOAH developed a flyer in partnership with the European Commission: “One Health – by protecting animals, we preserve our future”.

This 2-page infographic shows how the animal and human sectors work together to protect health and ensure food safety and security.

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The COVID-19 pandemic presents various challenges, especially for those who are vulnerable. It has resulted in an urgent need for various international agencies to respond in synergy to fully support countries/territories. In the Asia Pacific region, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE), FAO, WHO and WFP developed a set of infographics together to deliver relevant food safety messages. These were launched during the jointly-organized World Food Safety Day Webinar on 3 June 2020 and have been translated into several languages.

Food is not known to transmit COVID-19.  Enjoy your food to maintain good physical and mental health.

Clean hands, utensils and surfaces when preparing meals.

Wash your hands frequently!  This is good for food safety and good for your health.


Cook food thoroughly.  Separate raw and cooked foods.

Food is not known to transmit COVID-19 and local and imported food is safe to eat.

Ignore fake news.  There is no scientific evidence that any food prevents or cures COVID-19.