Last updated: 20 July 2023

Opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary students


Building veterinary workforces with global perspectives, including working experience with international organisations such as the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), engagement in international development activities, or participating in or conducting research projects abroad, is a long-standing challenge for our Members.

WOAH makes every effort on behalf of veterinarians and veterinary students to raise awareness of opportunities for engaging in global health security, including key concepts such as One Health. Further, WOAH organises and participates in relevant events such as symposia and internships, to enhance the visibility of its activities among veterinarians and students of its Members.


Related Events

Internship program in our office (1 July 2021)


Collaboration with IVSA

An agreement between WOAH and the IVSA (International Veterinary Students’ Association) was signed in May 2014, to collaborate on issues of interest, namely:

  • to develop dialogue and identify areas of common interest between the veterinary profession and veterinary students;
  • to develop cooperation between WOAH and the IVSA Standing Committee on One Health;
  • to increase standards relating to veterinary education worldwide;
  • to improve animal health and welfare;
  • to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between veterinary students and the veterinary profession, including the updating of veterinary education and the accreditation of the Veterinary Education Establishments;

Under the framework, WOAH and IVSA invite each other to international meetings organised to address areas of common interest and exchange our points of view on various issues of common interest.

Under the same framework, the IVSA appoints WOAH Junior Ambassadors to act as intermediaries between WOAH and veterinary students across the world through the IVSA.

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