Last update: 23/4/2020

World Rabies Day-Regional Activities in 2019


OIE RRAP supported activities

For World Rabies Day on 28 September 2019, OIE RRAP supported activities arranged in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka. Events included awareness talks for local communities and school children, radio broadcasts, awareness walks through towns, dissemination of printed materials about rabies, and dog rabies vaccinations. The OIE also collaborated with other Tripartite members (FAO and WHO) to present a webinar to raise awareness about the United Against Rabies global plan to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030 (“Zero by 30”). The theme was “Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate” and three OIE staff made presentations.

Reports of Members’ activities

Countries are encouraged to share their World Rabies Day activities on social media using #Rabiesendshere and @OIEAnimalHealth

World Rabies Day Webinar 2019:

As a part of World Rabies Day 2019 celebrations, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the World Oganisation for Animal Health (OIE), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) offices in Asia and the Pacific region organized a webinar to raise awareness about the United Against Rabies global plan to end human deaths from dog mediated rabies by 2030. This year, the focus was on promoting vaccination of dogs as a key effort for rabies elimination. During the webinar an overview of the global move towards rabies control and elimination included:

  1. Importance of World Rabies Day as a means to increase rabies awareness, edvocacy and education globally
  2. Latest developments in vaccination of dogs and availbalility of high quality vaccines/ biologicals
  3. Regional rabies initiatives and country experiences with rabies control
  4. One Health approach for zoonotic disease prioritization
  5. Rabies  awareness tools

Links to presentations and webinar are available.

OIE Communication Materials for WRD


OIE World Rabies Day Toolkit

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