Last updated: 26 Nov 2020

Members' Actions to Accelerate Global Rabies Elimination “Zero-by-30”


Members’ Actions to Accelerate Global Rabies Elimination “Zero-by-30” in the Asia Pacific Region

Since the launch of the global rabies elimination plan “Zero by 30: the global strategic plan to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030” in 2018, the OIE Regional Representation has initiated several activities to accelerate realisation of this goal.

One of the ways to encourage OIE Members to accelerate actions is through providing a platform for Members to share information on good practices on rabies prevention and control to encourage peer-to-peer learning. This page is dedicated for use by our Members to inspire each other. It also aspires to motivate Members to adopt good practices to accelerate actions against rabies.

The stories are included within the relevant objectives of the global strategy to bring focus to the inputs and expected outputs resulting from such interventions as below:


Global Objective 1. To effectively use vaccines, medicines, tools, and technologies


Key aspects include effective use of vaccines, medicines, tools and tech­nologies to reduce the risk of human rabies through expanded dog vaccinations, improved awareness and education, and increased access to health care, medi­cines and vaccines for populations at risk.


Global Objective 2. To generate, innovate and measure impact


Key components include generating, innovating and measuring impact through effective policies, guidance and governance, and ensuring reliable data to enable effective decision-making by encouraging the use of technology and health innovations, and by refining tools for countries to monitor and report data, strengthen surveillance capacity and integrate reporting systems.


Global Objective 3. To sustain commitment and resources


Important points include sustaining commitment and resources through multi-stakeholder engagement and by demonstrating the impact of activities completed in national, regional, and global rabies elimination programmes.

We hope that, through sharing of such interesting actions and good practices, we will be able to motivate our Members to “walk that extra mile” to complement their ongoing actions in making rabies disease consigned to history.

Do you want to be part of this initiative and motivate others to fight rabies? If so, please share your story with [email protected]