WOAH/JTF Project for FMD Control in Asia


WOAH/JTF Project for FMD Control in Asia (2011-2015)

Japan proposed the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE)/JTF Project on FMD Control in Asia during the 5th meeting of the Regional Steering Committee of GF-TADs for Asia and the Pacific, in July 2011. This initiative was endorsed by the Committee during the meeting.

Goal of the project is to significantly decrease of FMD outbreaks in Asia by strengthening prevention and control measures against FMD. Four expected outcomes of the project include, 1) Promote coordination and information sharing on FMD in Asia, 2) Develop strategies and a roadmap for FMD control in East Asia, 3) Strengthen the capacity of surveillance for and diagnosis of FMD, and 4) Improve FMD control measures at national and regional levels.

The activities undertaken in the WOAH/JTF Project on FMD Control in Asia will be expected to provide a regional complementarity to other existing FMD control programmes, namely the South-East Asia and China Foot and Mouth Disease Campaign (SEACFMD). In order to strengthen the coordination with SEACFMD, a part of the activities under the WOAH/JTF Project will contribute to and collaborate with SEACFMD.

Roadmap for FMD Control in East Asia