Last Update: 5/11/2021

Standard Setting


State of play

During the 88th GS, proposed standards except for the new chapter on animal welfare and laying hen production systems were adopted.

Specialist Commissions were held in September 2021. Official reports was published (New: 5/11/2021)

Previous meeting reports of  Specialist Commissions can be found:

Process (OIE Code and Manual)

The Terrestrial Animal Health Standard Commission (the Code Commission), biological standards commission (or Laboratories Commission), and the Aquatic Animals Health Standards Commission (the Aquatic Animals Commission) meet twice a year, usually in February and September, and release their reports in the following months. Comments on the reports must reach the OIE Headquarters by a given deadline- mentioned in the introduction of the reports for consideration by these Commissions.

The two periods in the year when to provide your comments following the circulation of the Code/ Biological Standards Commission reports are, usually January and July

Annual standard setting ‘calendar’ shown on the left side is also available here.

For more details, you can read thevery brief “Transparency in the OIE standards development process” paper.

Regional coordination

State of play

Sharing your comments on the OIE Specialist Commission Reports is appreciated.

Comments on the OIE Specialist Commission Reports in our region


In order to encourage Members to participate in the OIE standard setting process and to strengthen the coordination among the Members to make regional/sub-regional common positions on key issues, the ‘Coordination Procedure’ was approved by the Regional Commission for AFEO during its meeting at the 85th General Session (May 2017).

The coordination procedure timeline shown on the left side is also available here.