Last Update: 15 Mar 2023

Disease status: Application


Application for official recognition of disease status and for the endorsement of national official control programs


State of play

  • During the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE) 88th General Session (GS), the Philippines was endorsed with official control programmes for dog-mediated rabies.
  • Members wishing to apply for the recognition of an animal health status or for the endorsement of its official control programme for the next General Session, is invited to submit an application to the Director General of WOAH to be evaluated by the Scientific Commission for Animal Diseases (Scientific Commission).
    • Deadline
      • AHS: 29 July 2022
      • BSE: 5 August 2022
      • PPR: 20 August 2022
      • FMD: 5 September 2022
      • Rabies: 9 September 2022
      • CBPP: 16 September 2022
      • CSF: 8 October 2022


Members may request official recognition by the World Organisation for Animal Health on the risk status of a country or zone with regard to BSE, the freedom of a country or zone from FMD, with or without vaccinationthe freedom of a country or zone from CBPP, AHS, PPR and CSF. Members may also apply for the endorsement of their official control programmes for CBPP, FMD and PPR by following the same procedure for the official recognition.

When applying for official recognition of disease or for endorsement of an official control programme, Members should present documentation setting out the compliance of their Veterinary Services with the applicant country or zone with the provisions of Chapters 1.1., 3.1. and 3.2. of the Terrestrial Code and with the provisions of the relevant disease chapters in the Terrestrial Code and the Terrestrial Manual.

The cycle of official disease status recognition follows one-year period between two General Sessions.

  • Dossiers should be sent by Delegates 2 months before the relevant Ad hoc Group meetings. Announcement of the deadline is made in June.

The organisation’s cycle to submit an application shown below is also available here.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and more information on official recognition of disease status


Annual reconfirmation of disease status


State of play

The process for annual reconfirmation will be clarified with a letter to Delegates later this year, with information when the on-line system is available along with the deadline for submission. See guidelines for reconfirmation here (July 2022).


As adopted through a Resolution of the WOAH Assembly, Members having at least one officially recognised status or an official endorsement of its national control programme are obliged to reconfirm, during the month of November each year, in accordance with this Resolution and the corresponding articles in the Terrestrial Code. Failure to comply with these provisions could result in WOAH revoking the given status or endorsement.

The on-line system for reconfirmation is accessible every year from the 1st of November with the Delegate’s username and password only (same as the access for the World Animal Health Information System, WAHIS).

The chart for reconfirmation of disease status shown below is also available here.

For more information : SOP on the reconfirmation of officially recognised disease status and of the endorsement of national official control programmes