2019 World Antibiotic Awareness Week in Asia and the Pacific



To mark the WAAW, a half day workshop on “Advocacy on Antimicrobial Resistance to the One Health Stakeholders” was held in Bhutan to create awareness to stakeholders with a global theme, ‘The future of antibiotics depends on all of us’. The OIE RRAP supported Bhutan with translation and printing of antimicrobial resistance awareness materials for the workshop.

Statement by Bhutan on the occasion of WAAW


In Japan, the government recognised November as AMR awareness-raising month. As a part of AMR awareness activities, the Japanese governments organised the 3rd Award for AMR Awareness Raising Activities. At the event, prizes were awareded to two organisations related to the animal health sector. The event also exhibited posters from the organisatoins in various fields regarding their AMR awareness activities. The OIE RRAP set the OIE exhibition booth.


In order to raise awareness about appropriate use of antibiotics in Malaysia, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry jointly organised the “Antibiotic Fun Run 2020” on 19th January 2020. Two OIE staff joined approximately 1,000 other participants at the event.

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WAAW 2019 was celebrated in Mongolia with several activities. The OIE RRAP supported Mongolia with translation and printing of antimicrobial resistance awareness leaflets for farmers, veterinary services and members of the public. They were distributed at events during WAAW to policy makers, local veterinarians and veterinary drug distributors. The materials will be further disseminated to every soum in Mongolia.

Translated Posters