“One World One Welfare” webinar in Iran


A webinar titled with “One World One Welfare” was organized and held by the Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) on 29th July 2020 in Tehran, I.R.IRAN that was coordinated by the National OIE Animal Welfare focal point for Iran and member of Regional Animal Welfare Strategy (RAWS) Advisory Group. Speakers were Dr Ali safar Maken Ali CVO of Iran, Dr Bahman Naghibi, Deputy of Health and Prevention, Dr Rahman Mirzaei, General Director of specialized organization, Public Relations and International Affairs in IVO, Dr Atieh Dabaghian, focal point of OIE in animal welfare, and also Dr Bouda Vosough Ahmadi Animal-Health Economist from EuFMD-FAO, Dr Naseri, private practitioner and Dr Nabipour chairperson of board of directors of layer Association. Participants were provincial veterinary general directors staffs from five provinces including: East Azerbaijan, Tehran, Sistan and Baluchistan, Khorasan Razavi and Hormozgan. In this webinar Dr Maken Ali presented historical background to animal welfare guidelines provided by the OIE and emphasized on the importance of animal welfare on animal health and also in international trade. Dr Dabaghian’s presentation was focused on the concept of One World, One Welfare that includes human welfare, animal welfare and conserving and protecting environment. Dr Vosough Ahmadi presented on the economic aspects of improving animal welfare. Private sector veterinarians Dr Naseri and Dr Nabipour presented the progresses and also challenges facing dairy cattle and laying farms in Iran in terms of animal welfare OIE guidelines. Technical arrangements of the webinar were coordinated and supported by the OIE.