RAWS Regional Meeting back-to-back with the Action Plan writing group Meeting


OIE RAWS Regional Meeting back-to-back with the Action Plan writing group Meeting (Bangkok, 28 – 30 July 2015)

Following the Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania Meeting in Paris, May 2015 and its agreement to assume greater responsibility for the RAWS, a RAWS Regional Meeting was held on 29 – 30 July 2015 in Bangkok to consider future requirements and management of the RAWS.

The Regional Meeting was preceded by an Action Plan writing group meeting on the 28th July in Bangkok. This meeting prepared a Supplementary Paper and draft generic RAWS Action Plan for consideration at the Regional Meeting.

The Regional Meeting had a good mix of participants from countries in the Region including Focal Points, OIE Representatives from Headquarters, the Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific and Sub-Regional Representation for South-Ease Asia, the Chair of the OIE Animal Welfare Working Group, Representative from World Animal Protection, the Vice-President of the OIE Council and a Member of the OIE Regional Commission.

The Meeting was positive and constructive. Issues that emerged during discussion related to the Terms of Reference and Modus Operandi of a proposed RAWS Advisory Group (AG), a draft generic Action Plan and approaches for funding/future activities.

The key recommendations that OIE and the Regional Commission;

  • AGREE that the Regional Commission assume responsibilities for the RAWS and its management
  • AGREE to the establishment of a RAWS Advisory Group and that this be established as soon as practical to enable the work of the RAWS to be progressed
  • AGREE to the proposed Terms of Reference and Modus Operandi of the Advisory Group- PROVIDE Advice on the Chair of the Advisory Group for Director General consideration
  • AGREE that the draft generic Action Plan be used as a resource document by the Advisory Group and Member countries- NOTE proposed approaches and recommendations for seeking funding including the development of an Advocacy Document and future planning for Projects
  • AGREE that Focal Points are key to the development of successful progress of the RAWS and must liaise closely with OIE Delegates
  • THANK the former RAWS Coordination Group for its commendable efforts in developing and progressing the RAWS